Elliot's Blog

Welcome to Elliot's Blog!

Elliot? But isn't your name...?

Yes, I'm also Niko U. Since I'm still in the process of starting my career, I use my given name for professional things like resumes, references, and scientific publications. But, I overwhelmingly prefer to be called Elliot. I do my best to link everything together and subhead my given name with my preferred name.

Great! Why did you make this blog?

I'm easily excited by things I don't fully understand. If I read something with lots of cool sounding jargon, I obsess over it and spend weeks falling down the rabbit hole of learning and researching until I understand it. I love doing this so much, I even have my own 'Alice' (my cat) to join me.

So, the point of this blog is to chronicle time in Wonderland. Whether I'm working on a personal project, studying something new, or just really curious about an idea I want to share its story. Hopefully you enjoy my adventures as much as Alice's.